• Marzena Włodarska
    Marzena Włodarska
  • Bartek SIA n 7.04.1988 - 15.02.2001
    Bartek SIA n 7.04.1988 - 15.02.2001


l believe the world of animals is not that very complicated and governed by simple and clear rules. What you give is what you get - you can expect love and attachment only if you show them love and respect.


l can't recall the moment l was enchanted by the siamese cat's deep blue eyes and its black "mask".


My first half-pedigree "siamese" cat was bom in a boiler house. When l brought him to my house (the day before Christmas Eve 1985) he was in miserable condition. All covered with fleas, full of worms...


Unfortunately l knew nothing about siamese cat's strong personality. To be honest, l didn't bring him up, he was the one who brought me up. He was so smart, so gentle, so attached to me. One day he disappeared with no trace. l was looking for him for months...


Then we moved to another apartment and some time later new famiły member appeared. It was a siamese cat, of course. Both of his parents were siamese cats, he was a seal point boy, we called him Bartek. Purring almost all the time and trying to control everything that was going on, he brought so much joy and happiness to this new, unknown place. Bartek and my children became really good friends, they brought up each other. He just loved being close to them, watching them playing with wooden blocks and destroying in a few seconds the buildings they had built. Bartek's most wonderful feature was his attachment. He used to wait for me staring at the front door, miaowing and trying to jump in order to open the door. Of course he could use our toilet and also fetch us small pieces of paper or toys. He liked our car trips out of town but he really hated his animal carrier so he was usually allowed to sit next to a driver. l can't say that my husband and Bartek were getting on very well, there was some kind of competition in their relations, they remained "rivals" untii Bartek's death, in February 2001.


Although Bartek was so cheerful and sociable, l felt that he was lonely. So when Bartek was five years old, we decided to have another cat. That's why Farsa Korati*PL (Ori g) appeared in our family. Her breeder was Jola Stachowska-Sykurska, but she was brought up by her daughter Maja.


This is how in April 1993 my breeding adventure began...


Marzena Włodarska